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Save hours of travel planning research.

Let AI plan your day-to-day travel itinerary of activities. Embrace peace of mind and maximize every moment of your journey.

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Save hours of trip planning research with Mitrip

Experience stress-free trip planning with Mitrip! Save hours of research and avoid information overload. Our AI generates personalised day-to-day itineraries based on your profile and travel preferences, ensuring you make the most of your trip!

Your next itinerary at your fingertips

Save planning
research time

Save hours of planning research, and get instant trip itineraries!

Make the most out
of your trip

Get activities tailored to your profile and travel preferences

Enjoy peace of

Effortlessly follow your day-to-day trip itinerary and truly embrace the moment

Planning your trip has never been easier!

Don't worry anymore about scouring multiple sources or feeling overwhelmed with information, when planning your trips.


With Mitrip, planning your trip has never been simpler! Just provide us with travel details and activity preferences: our AI will handle the rest, crafting an optimized trip itinerary of activities, based on your preferences, that you can easily read and share!

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